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Tree Lopping & Pruning

Riverina Tree Care are experienced in lopping and pruning both native and introduced tree and shrub species. Using a range of equipment our experienced arborists are able to remove heavy canopy, bring down overhanging branches and generally shape your trees/shrubs.

Stump Removal

Using a commercial grade stump grinder our employees are able to grind unsightly or dangerous stumps down to ground level leaving the surface clean from obstructions.

Tree Felling & Clearing

Riverina Tree Care can remove both small and large trees using a range of methods. Whether we are using our Spider Lift to access trees in tight spaces or using our harnessing system, no job is too difficult. The greatest of care taken to ensure your property is protected from debris.

Mulching & Chipping

Mulching and chipping is a great way to tidy up large branches once they have been removed. We can either leave the mulch/chips on site for you to use in your garden or we can remove it from the site.

Garden Waste Removal

We are able to remove a range of garden waste from the site and pride ourselves on the state of our sites once a job has been completed.

Cherry Picker (Spider) Hire

Our Spider Boom lift is the solution to your tight worksite, even difficult steep sites. The spider can vertically extend in a range of extremely tight spots allowing us to access locations which are difficult with other types of cherry pickers.

Mulch & Soil Supply

Deliveries of mulch and soil are no problems for Riverina Tree Care and can be arranged through our arborist team. Just give us a call.

Environmentally Sustainable Firewood

Riverina Tree Care source sustainable firewood which is available for sale. Offering a range of blends (including red-gum, blue-gum, etc) we are able to split and deliver firewood to your residence.

Riverina Tree Care
Riverina Tree Care

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